“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.”

Mushi is a family project, nurtered every day with love and dedication It all started at the turning point in the life of a biologist who was missing nature. And the brand has been growing from the desire to share the richness of a more natural lifestyle and to bring nature closer to us...



Sustainability is our greatest commitment, so we respect ecological and responsible production and are devoted to the promotion of green consumer practices and fair trade. The project is based on the traditional Japanese method of growing mushrooms on tree trunks and bets on the concept of grow your own, to bring the flavors of the forest into your home.

We've developed ready-to-grow natural mini-trunks for home production of tasty shiitake mushrooms, and medicinal infusions, so you can enjoy all the flavor and properties of shiitake in a cup of tea! 

Our mushrooms logs are inspired by the traditional Japanese method of growing mushrooms on tree trunks, respecting the biological development of mushrooms in nature. The species Lentinula edodes (Shiitake) is a wood decomposing fungus which develops naturally into tree trunks. This way, through a completely natural process, without the use of artificial fertilizers or pesticides, we obtain mushrooms of high quality, taste and authenticity, and with high nutritional and gastronomic value.


Why Mushi?

Moshi moshi is friendly hello in Japan, the culture whose rich traditional knowledge inspired our project. And mushi is also short for mushroom, the life we lovingly grow!


Who are we?

When love for nature joins the curious spirit of a scientist and the seeds of an entrepreneur, a dream is born. Mushi is that dream come true.

The project was not born out of farmers hands, it was born out of hands that learn with curiosity and passion, every day, the secrets of nature. It was born from hands that have already held books, hands that have created science, hands that have taught others to create and innovate... until the day these hands decided to exchange all of this for the wind, the sun and the smell of the earth... and the tasty mushrooms!

Raquel and João are the face and soul behind Mushi. But the heart beats with the love and dedication of the whole family. From day one, every day. Mas o coração bate com o carinho e dedicação de toda a família. Desde o primeiro dia, todos os dias.

Raquel is a biologist. After a PhD and a few years doing science, she worked as biotech and innovation consultant. And one day she realized that he was following a path that was not her own... she left the office, gathered her savings, built a greenhouse and, with the support of her life and dream´s partner, João, began a new adventure: Mushi. 

Today they live a simpler, more peaceful and healthier life, discovering and sharing the wealth and wisdom that Nature hides. Once a scientist, forever a scientist... the greenhouse is now the lab, and nature their science!


Raquel Antunes, passionate biologist, innovation consultant and agricultural apprentice

Roxi, faithful friend and agricultural helper, the crazy one in the family, with a contagious energy! ajudante agrícola, a mais endiabrada das companhias, com uma energia contagiante!


João Santos,  manager, outdoor life lover, Raquel's partner in crime of dreams and agricultural adventures

Baco, faithful companion and defender of the greenhouse, the handsome one in the family! companheiro e defensor da estufa, o bonitão da família!


Our mushrooms


Fresh, cooked, in a soup or simply as a comforting tea, this is the food you don't want to leave out of your diet. It is a recognized nutraceutical, with numerous scientifically proven properties:

1. stimulates the immune system

2. Prevents cancer

3. Fights obesity, regulates cholesterol and supports cardiovascular health

4. Antimicrobial

5. Source of vitamin D

Shiitake mushroom is an ancient secret of traditional Oriental medicine. This mushroom, known in the Ming Dynasty as "the elixir of life," has been used in traditional oriental medicine for over a thousand years for its recognized therapeutic properties. It contains Lentinan, a compound approved as a medicine in Japan for several decades, and whose scientific studies have demonstrated its therapeutic properties, particularly in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

These mushrooms are also recognized for their nutritional value. With few calories (20kcal on average per 100g) and low fat, mushrooms still retain a considerable amount of protein, the nutritional value of mushrooms being comparable to that of milk and meat, and significantly more nutritious than most vegetables. Identified as a superfood, with low caloric content, rich in proteins, fibers and vitamin complexes, it is the perfect option for those who want to maintain a healthy diet and stay fit.

The high concentration of potassium makes mushrooms natural allies in combating hypertension, also playing an important role in cellular metabolism and in the functioning of the nervous system and muscle.

 Its high fiber content assists the functioning of the intestine, acts in the control of cholesterol and the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Its regular consumption also helps the intake of vitamin A and C, B complex vitamins and minerals. Water represents more than 90% of the composition of mushrooms, which combined with its low calorie makes this food the perfect choice for those who want to maintain a healthy diet and control weight.


Our commitment to sustainability

All Mushi products are handmade and all materials are recycled or recyclable, from mushroom trunks, which can be composted or reused as firewood after their end of life, to Mushi infusions, which after a comforting tea can be reused as a delicious culinary touch.